Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life. Well, bullshit. It’s a perfectly acceptable way to go through life. Any Father/Husband has contemplated it. In line at the Waffle House, up early at a game of communist kickball with a raging hangover… Literally anywhere Dads are, the thoughts are there as well.

And yet, we also vaguely hear about the immediate and immersive benefits of woo bullshit like hot yoga, saunas, and cold tubs. But before stepping in the door the first time we all think the same thing – What kind of hippie granola bullshit is this supposed to be. We’re seduced by images of yoga pants and bikinis. But we also fear being exposed as no longer very athletic and frankly, fat in places we used to be slim. The biggest hurdle to opening the door is the fear of being ridiculed or laughed at.

I had those same thoughts, and then I figured I didn’t give much of a shit anymore. So I opened the door and walked through it with a belly full of Natural Light and preconceived notions. What I found on the other side was acceptance. I learned to laugh at myself. I learned that no one else gave two shits about me messing up. And I learned that most men have the same hold-up. I let my own bullshit hold me back. This it the treatise on getting out of your own head and back into the version of yourself that says I really don’t give a fuck. Along the way I dropped 70 lbs and gained a whole new respect for the woo-est of bullshit.