About Me

The First Part You’d Want To Know.

Hi.  Just so you know, I’m not a doctor.  I mean, I have a doctorate, but I’m not a licensed practicing physician.   I don’t have a really good reason for writing about health, diets or anything related to healthy living.  If anything, my entire lifestyle is a warning against doing all of the dumb stuff I’ve done to my body over the years.  I never had much motivation to do more than the bare minimum and so I settled for the bare minimum of eating well and exercising.  As it turns out, the bare minimum of diet and exercise is shoveling pizza into my mouth while coming up with reasons not to hit the gym.

I’m not going to be found running marathons on a regular basis, even though I’ve run and enjoyed a half. I’m not going to be found at an artisanal vegan restaurant.  I’m not going to wear lululemon or fabletics. Actually that last part isn’t entirely true. Lululemon is comfortable as shit. And I make it look good. But you should understand that I’m not a health conscious person.  I’m just not. And if I am at all, it’s because I sorta kinda had to be.