Quarantine, stir crazy, kids, bad weather and beer


You know the funny thing about all of this going on around us right now?  There’s not a damn thing any of us can do about it. 

It’s really, truly and totally out of our hands.  I’m involved in a great neighborhood thread about what we can, should and would do with unlimited resources.  Most of my responses have been limited to asking who has extra coors light.  But after that, I’m still looking for supplements, workout routines and ways to keep my kids from absolutely losing their minds.  Oh, and I spend a lot of damn time in the sauna.  Lots and lots of time in the sauna.  If you don’t have one and have the means, well…here.  I don’t think you’ll find yourself disappointed.

I’m spending more time on sites like this one because they have routines that I want to mock up to take the pressure off my wife.  Most of the time, I’m finding myself staring at a computer screen all damn day long so most of the blue blocker glasses I own are getting more use than normal.  I’m even having to charge my phone multiple times a day and I’m about to wear out my Heloideo like a mug.

What’s the biggest takeaway from all this?  Simply that none of us have any real idea what’s going to happen next.  And none of us have any real control.  And so I’ve pivoted to some places where I have actual control.  Like in meal planning.  I love to cook.  So I’ve ordered the right tools to make things happen.  I’ve ordered the right plans to make sure my grocery orders are straight forward.  And I try my best to make meals a stress free time since the rest of the time I’m absolutely sunk trying to get work done while watching Angry Birds 2 for the four hundredth time.   And I read.  As best I can.  Over the din of four hundred children hopped up on goofballs running all over the damn place.

So what do you do when the future is uncertain and the next hot meal comes only from your own oven?  Me – Drink.  But really, I handle some work out stuff to keep my stress level low.  I eat better because that just helps.  And I do my best to take advantage of the time I have with the kids.  It’ll all be over soon.  But until then, have a ball with it.  You might find that there is more to see and do than you think if work doesn’t get in the way.  And that’s really what work is.  A thing that gets in the way.